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This podcast package is the perfect option for individuals or businesses wanting to produce a podcast in conjunction with Green Barge Audio.

What does this mean? A branded project involves us working closely with you to create your show. The finished product will then sit amongst our other podcasts as a Green Barge Audio Production, incorporating our personal branding. To get an idea of what the Green Barge Audio branding may sound like, you can hear examples at the end of our productions.

This option is perfect for those who are dipping their toe into podcasting and require input from those in the know, and is a lower cost alternative to our non-branded projects. To find out more about why you should start a podcast, click here.

The branded podcast package can be tailored to your individual needs, but for a basic break down, check out our price list or contact us to find out more.

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This podcast package is designed to allow you to produce your own podcast with Green Barge Audio as a silent partner. This is perfect for businesses or corporations that have their own creative teams and do not want to incorporate Green Barge Audio branding within their projects, or want their intellectual property to be shared as a Green Barge Audio production on our website.

A podcast can be a fantastic way of reaching out to your target audience and building up a personable outward facing image of your business. To find out more about why you should start a podcast, click here.

The non-branded podcast package can be tailored to your individual needs, but for a basic break down, check out our price list or contact us to find out more.

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Podcasts are a great way to connect with your target audience! But why has this new media increased in popularity over the last 10 years?

A very personal marketing tool

Podcasts enable you to build up a more personal relationship with your audience. Whether you're thinking about producing a podcast as an individual or as an extra channel of corporate communication, they present an opportunity for you to be yourself and showcase your individuality, while also spreading your message - far more so than other media streams. Being able to talk to your audience directly through their headphones is a very direct, intimate and engaging medium that fosters valuable brand loyalty.


The nature of podcasts as a medium is far more accessible and less restrictive than the typical way in which we consume audio content: radio.

There are no set air times, no limit on episode duration and, most importantly, complete flexibility when it comes to what you want to say and how you want to say it. This means your material can be as broad or niche as you like - your message, your way.

This flexibility doesn't just make them a popular choice for those of us looking to tell our story, but also for potential listeners!

The way we consume media has changed. It is now almost entirely in our control. Think about it - Netflix, Spotify, YouTube - most media channels offer us the choice to consume our favourite films, music and shows as and when we want to. People want to access the content they like on their terms - when it suits them. Podcasts play perfectly into this new dynamic, which is why they are taking the world by storm as we speak.

Potential Revenue Stream

Once you have built up a group of loyal subscribers, there will then be the opportunity for paid advertising. This will not deter your listeners, as it is accepted as a norm within the world of podcasting. However, there are ways to do it right. Firstly, try to always stick to paid promotions, rather than let advertisers use their own content and voices within your show. This maintains the flow of the episode and means you can add your own personality to the advert. And secondly, always promote things that you think your audience may be genuinely interested in.

The other point to consider is that podcasts are incredibly cheap to produce when compared to other forms of media. This is because you are only concentrating on one stream - audio. As the associated costs are so low, you can spend the money ensuring high quality production, music and recording. While podcast listeners are very loyal, they also have a tendency to be very discerning, so it is worthwhile making sure your content has the best possible chance of success by investing in production.

Loyal Listeners

Podcast listeners are known for being brand loyal: if they subscribe to a certain show, then they will most likely listen to every episode released from then on. This is partly down to the nature of podcasts. Podcatchers (apps that allow listeners to subscribe and listen to their favourite shows) such as Apple Podcasts, Podcast Addict and Spotify, work in such a way that every time you release a new episode, it will appear on your subscribers' feeds, meaning the hard work is done for you!

The all important question still remains - what kind of listenership can you expect?

Podcasts have gone from a little known niche medium to one of the main sources of media in the last decade, and this trend is showing no signs of slowing down.

In the UK, 21% of the population listen to podcasts - that's 14 million potential listeners. The more interesting stat is that 11% of the population (7.2 million people) listen to podcasts weekly, with a huge average listening time of 6.1 hours! If one person were to attempt to get through this much content, it would take almost 5025 years! And this doesn't even begin to tap into the US market, which is much, much larger...

With such a huge potential audience, you don't need to be overly concerned with pleasing the masses. Sometimes, it is better to find the precise subject you or your team are most knowledgable about and interested in, no matter how niche, because there will always be an audience out there for it. Not to mention; the more specialist your content, the less competition there is likely to be.

Podcasts are quickly becoming a worldwide phenomena, so with an incredibly dedicated international listenership and proven show loyalty, there is plenty of opportunity for you to find your target audience!

This magic combination is the key to engaging with your audience and growing your brand in a way no other media forms allow.

Happy podcasting! From the Green Barge Audio team.

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